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 Jade Dynasty, Modo

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Jade Dynasty, Modo Empty
PostSubject: Jade Dynasty, Modo   Jade Dynasty, Modo EmptySat Apr 23, 2011 2:27 am

Jade Dynasty, Modo Weapons
^ Modo weapons.

Jade Dynasty, Modo Modo1
Jade Dynasty, Modo Modo4
Jade Dynasty, Modo Modo3
Jade Dynasty, Modo Modo2
^ Tier 5 Modo with lvl 135 Equipment in Human form.

Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoDemonic
^ Demonic form.

Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoModon
^ Modon form.

Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoForestOfLaughter
^ Modo Demonic form skill, Forest of Laughter.

Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoSelfRighteousness
Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoSelfRighteousness2
^ Modo Demonic form skill, Self-Righteousness.

Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoDanceOfChaos
^ Modo Demonic form skill, Dance of Chaos.

Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoKangbaExtinction1
Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoKangbaExtinction2
Jade Dynasty, Modo ModoKangbaExtinction3
^ Modo Human form skill, Kangba Extinction.
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Jade Dynasty, Modo Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jade Dynasty, Modo   Jade Dynasty, Modo EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 5:02 pm

its kinda weird that when i play euds i am switching to a vary bad guy.. trying to get new ways to trap some1 and pk him-her. but when i play a mostly pve game, i am so peacefull. Razz anyway. i start playing from P{erfect World, the Battles.. then i tryied to run Jade.. hm... even it have a buld-in bot i think its lower quality lvl than boi... i guess its personal opinion odcourse, but, but .... but...... :/ maybe coz i am building a Celan.(still noob) i liked the char. but ppl told me that a celan will be extremly powerfull wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy later. its hard for low lvls... and until it get skills and lvls is a tottaly WORTHLESS-useless char.. :/ then i start building a pure killer... then i got tired and went back to BOI. dont know. maybe i got tired of that hugeeeeeeeeeeeee distances i had to move and run and walk to reach my destination. an no.. i dont hate huge maps... i miss that maps at the damn game i spend lots of my economies.... yeah. you got it. its euds... at boi you can get tones of team exp doing quests.... not at jade... lol.... jade and jump quests!!!! :PPPPPPPPP lol! a nightmare.. :PP at least boi dont have many glitches and bugs with quests... jade got lots of them. i read forums-external forums, bla bla bla, to get infos to some quests... and what about that skyblade? or how they call it? my limited time has expiried.. Razz i cant finish some q i have. so?
talking about online games, i like cabal,dungeons,allods,warhammer, aion(downloading a pserver Razz),Lord of rings, and some more... Smile
i prefer pve instead of pvp.
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Jade Dynasty, Modo
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