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 randomness from DragonCon

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PostSubject: randomness from DragonCon   randomness from DragonCon EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 10:38 pm

some pics taken from Dragon Con along with a final non related pic of my hero Tomix an Artix Entertainment aka AE staff member all the pics pretty much are AE staff

Artix and his pally cosplay armor made by Nytheria's friend nyth is a staff memb as well. links to a bigger image

randomness from DragonCon Artix_10

Jemini from staff being Jedi barbie at least thats what Artix called her lol

randomness from DragonCon Upload10

Ash being himself creating random things like his steam punk chainsaw cosplay outfit

randomness from DragonCon Upload11

Blurry yes but all the AE staff that got to go said hi missing are Tomix, Randor the red, Dage the evil, and a few others also the 2 in front Rolith and Alina got engaged at DC this year

randomness from DragonCon Upload12

He doesnt post pics of himself unless somebody else gets it but essentially this is his char which shows his epicness my hero Tomix

randomness from DragonCon Df-tom10

"If the size of the vision for your life isnt intimidating to you it is an insult to God"
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randomness from DragonCon
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