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 Wrote a review on amazon and someone wants to duel? XD

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Wrote a review on amazon and someone wants to duel? XD Empty
PostSubject: Wrote a review on amazon and someone wants to duel? XD   Wrote a review on amazon and someone wants to duel? XD EmptySat Jul 18, 2009 4:52 pm

Here is the review I wrote on amazon awhile ago on the movie Elizabethtown. I rated it 7/10 and wrote some thoughts down almost a year ago. I rechecked my amazon profile and noticed someone commented on my review. He/She was not happy with some of the comments I made and it made my day reading them (no sarcasm, I'm really bad using sarcasm when writing). I'll share it with you guys in case someone has seen this movie^^

Quote :
I decided to watch this because it was the most recent work of Cameron Crowe. I had recently watched for the first time Almost Famous and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Jerry Maguire I had seen years ago and it remains as one of my favorites). Elizabethtown left me feeling slightly disappointed; maybe I had high expectations for it. When it ended, I was thinking "Eh...is that it?"

Now that a few days have passed since I watched it, I was able to look back on it to appreciate some things. I didn't like how the movie bored me in several parts and was slower paced than other of Crowe's work. However it had some interesting plot ideas, like a man who has to deal with a huge failure that ruins his career when he gets the news of his father's death. Nice idea, but the execution was unsatisfying.

A few random questions about Dunst and Bloom's characters were in the back of my head by the end of the film:

-How was Kirsten Dunst's character living in a mansion when she is a stewardess?
-Why is Orlando Bloom's character almost always smiling when he was supposed to be in melancholy or some state of depression?
-Is Dunst's character normally that overly friendly, or was she stalking Bloom...
-Why doesn't Bloom have any friends?
-Is Dunst supposed to have a Southern accent?

His/her comment:

Quote :
Claire did not live in a mansion. That was the outside of her apartment building! It's a gated building, that's why she was pushing the code in and the conversation they had was in her apartment.
Okay, it sounds like you didn't get the movie that well. None of it had hit him yet. He was putting on a brave face. Like he was giving OTHER people his condolences...then he finally breaks down in the car during the road trip.
She's from the South, Southerners are just friendly people. And in her job she deals with people a lot so she's just good with small talk. She gave him her # he called her and then we go from there. She didn't stalk him at all, she found him attractive from the get go.
Who said he didn't have friends? We didn't get a look at his life back home because he was in Kentucky the entire time. His sister saying "Drew doesn't make friends" is just a sisterly thing to say.
Yes she is and you could hear it very clearly. She lives somewhere in Nashville being she was in the Nashville Airport with Drew called her and the area code on the coupon with her #s was a Nashville area code...Granted why they said she is only 45 minutes from him when Elizabethtown is a 2 hour drive from there, I'm not sure. Just sounds like a mistake they made in the movie.
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Wrote a review on amazon and someone wants to duel? XD
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